Alpha Flight Group is a wholly owned subsidiary of dnata



We don't believe catering standards should fall the higher you climb. Which is why we work so hard to provide the same quality of food at 30,000 feet as on the high street.

Alpha's dedicated development team does much more than develop great recipes. We also spend time talking to passengers about what they want, and looking at every aspect of inflight catering - even the effects of altitude on taste buds.

Our award-winning chefs create authentic meals for all classes, designed to suit our airline customers’ local cuisine and culture. We’re experts at catering to a wide range of dietary and ethnic requirements, including Halal, Indian, Japanese and Chinese dishes. Our passion for creative and logistical distinction results in the successful delivery of over 320,000 meals a day.

Our food division serves our customers at 60 airports across 12 countries. With catering, packing and distribution facilities including Australia, Italy, Singapore, South Africa, the UK, the USA and the UAE, we manage our customers’ global catering requirements with excellence and efficiency.

Why us?

  • Our dedicated teams constantly strive for service excellence
  • Our catering business units are award-winning
  • Our expert chefs serve our diverse customer base with authentic dishes
  • We continually improve every aspect of our quality and food safety systems