Alpha Flight Group is a wholly owned subsidiary of dnata


Retail & Logistics Services

A selection of premium wristwatches for inflight retail.

We offer a broad range of unique premium products and services including delectable meals and snacks as well as boutique and branded products.

Backed by the latest technological innovations and a team of industry experts, we provide our customers with inflight retail solutions to suit even the most discerning travellers. We also provide cost-effective shared services and a fully integrated turnkey operation resulting in industry-leading figures for onboard sales per head.

Onboard Sales

An Emirates Airlines flight attendant chats with a seated passenger.

Every aspect of our vision to make travel special begins with customer research. It's that insight that makes us so expert at matching onboard sales stock to passenger profiles.

But of course there's more to inflight sales than choosing stock. More and more airlines look to us to help with every aspect of this service - from deciding what goes on the trolley to ensuring that the right products get to the right aircraft at the right time.

Put all this insight, logistics, administration and performance management together with Alpha's enormous buying power, and the commercial benefits to our partners are obvious.

Crew Retail Training

Two female flight attendants smile into the camera.

We don't see any reason why customer service should be any less special in the air than on the ground. That's why we work closely with our airline partners to inspire their cabin crews with as much passion and knowledge about our inflight retail programmes as we have ourselves. It's another important way in which we go the extra mile to drive sales for our airline partners.